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Timisoara International Airport limousine service

Orasul Timisoara este poarta de vest a tarii spre si dinspre Vestul Europei. Cu o dezvoltare rapida a mediului de afaceri din ultimii ani, municipiul Timisoara a cunoscut o dezvoltare rapida in domeniul serviciilor si productiei. Serviciul de inchiriere se adreseaza cu precadere firmelor care doresc sa externalizeze acest tip de cost, fara insa a face rabat la calitatea serviciilor de transport pentru personalul sau. Prin serviciul Intercity, City Limousine va ofera posibilitatea de inchiriere limuzina cu sofer, atat in zona metropolitana cat si pentru servicii de transport la nivel national si international sau intre diferite puncte de lucru corporate. Serviciul de inchirieri limuzine déjà cunoscut in marile orase europeme precum Munchen, Vienna sau Budapesta, este un serviciu premium cu traditie care incorporeaza servicii de transport personalizate. Diferit in esenta sa de serviciul “taxi sau” “rent-a-car,” transportul cu limuzine de lux este un serviciu dedicat calatorilor frecventi care apreciaza valoarea timpului personal, lasand pe mana profesionistilor deplasarile dintre diferitele puncte de interes, beneficiind astfel de confort sporit, siguranta maxima si promptitudine ireprosabila. Alege City Limousine pentru urmatoara destinatie  de afaceri sau turistica si bucura-te de un tratament special, personalizat exclusiv nevoilor de deplasare individuale. Ofertele City Limousine, includ preturi speciale de transport si va ofera posibilitatea inchirierii unei limuzine prin serviciul prietenos de rezervari online, unde sunt acceptate toti furnizorii majori ai cartilor de credit.


Timisoara as a vital witness of history and modernism

Timisoara is par excellence a city of many opportunities. This is the place where you can enjoy a vintage walk in the old town or hold a business meeting in one of the city’s modern office buildings. Touring the city may give you both a sense of a historic citadel as well as that of a modern metropolis. In your shopping trip to the mall, you can enjoy the fascinating view of antebellum architecture and the rich scent of roses. Almost a century ago the Timisoara earned the internationally renowned “city of roses” title. This was not an easy accomplishment, since many cities in Transylvania placed high esteem on civic spirit and administrative performance. Therefore, Timisoara was and still is acknowledged for its beautiful rose gardens that blend organically with city’s public architecture. Various landmarks make Timisoara a city of unique attractions. Among them, it is important to mention the Iosefin Water Tower, the old city’s Bastion, the State Opera House and of course that romantic boat trip on the Bega canal. The city offers a slow paced lifestyle living and people enjoy the late evening summers in trendy restaurants and terraces. As other wonderful cities in Transylvania, Timisoara prides itself with a Viennese like feeling when visiting the city which is nicely complemented the warmth and courtesy of the local people. Feel free to ask a question in any language of your liking, and very possibly, you will receive a quite decent answer. Demographically speaking, Timisoara is the largest and the most Western city of Romania. If you are in a trendy restaurant or social club, there is a fair chance you will hear conversations in languages such as Italian, French, English and German. Timisoara is a city of a unique diversity and multicultural acceptance. You will find the city as the most desirable avenue for cultural and business interests in Western Romania. 


The "State Opera House" dedicated to timeless moments

You have a free evening that you’d like to make special? Come to the opera! One of Timisoara’s most distinguished black tie events, the globally acclaimed opera shows, will make you part of the story, be it, Traviata, Nabucco, Don Giovanni or Carmen. Whether by yourself or accompanied, each opera show will take you in the atmosphere of the great world stages of New York and London. To make such an occasion entirely special, one may complement the event with a luxury pick-up and drop-off service. City Limousine’s executive sedan services can nicely complement this unique event. Our chauffeured services, include limousine rental for special events, or custom transportation solutions for hourly hire. This option includes charter limousine services, where the vehicle is exclusively at the discretion of its patron for the entire duration of the event. City Limousine’s courteous chauffeurs will professionally and intuitively meet and exceed your most discriminating tastes and expectations. If you eventually wonder if such a service is truly possible in Romania, our 13 years of experience with international travel services and standards, will make your satisfaction guarantee second to none. Renting a limousine for an opera show is definitely a sign of high class and of distinction. This choice will certainly add a subtle note of elegance to the event. This becomes especially important when in the delightful presence of a significant other, every special moment mandates full attention and emotional availability. This is where City Limousine adds value to its entire limousine services, by assuming with professional responsibility the task of chauffeured limousine services.


Social Clubsfor evenings of relaxation

Timisoara has its own hot spots. Whether for business or after hours socializing, the city offers a select number of specialty restaurants and fine social clubs. The restaurants offer a landscape of diverse cuisines, ranging from organic food to traditional European kitchens that include Italian, German, Hungarian, French and the most sought after, Romanian recipes. Romania as an emerging market and Timisoara as an ascending metropolis, set solid grounds for intriguing business options. Given its diverse ethnic background, the city has a innate ability to support diverse business avenues and enterprises. Being an airport city, Timisoara features rapid evaluation of business interests and opportunities. The city has 23 international flight connections and 5 internal flight destinations which make Timisoara the most important Western hub for business travel in Romania. As an alternative to air travel, City Limousine offers ground transportation solutions via its executive transportation services both countrywide and to select European destinations. Our experience includes chauffeuring services for boards of directors, logistic support for negotiating teams, charter services for corporate staff and mobile solutions for large scale convention events. City Limousine offers a wide range of customized sedan and van limousine services both in Romania and Europe. Our customers are in general Western European business travelers who appreciate the safe, timely and elegant manner of reaching their destination of interest  Make your inquiry today for low rates and corporate discounts. Enjoy visiting Romania and benefit of our extensive international travel experience. Make your reservation today for low individual rates and special corporate discounts.