Transalpina Limousine Tours

Ranca - Un peisaj de vis

Dacca sunteti in cautarea unui peisaj pitoresc si a unui loc de odihna absolut terapeutic, statiunea Ranca este alegerea potrivita. De-alungul calatoriei fiecare peisaj se transforma intr-o experienta memorabila. Nimic nu poate fi mai frumos decat sa te bucuri de aceasta experienta ca pasager la bordul unei limuzine de lux, oferindu-ti libertatea de a admira natura in frumusetea ei deplina. Aceasta localitate este popasul principal dintre Transilvania si Oltenia, si va ofera momente de relaxare deplina intr-un peisaj natural de vis. Serviciile noastre de transport persoane cu sofer cu siguranta vor infrumuseta iesirea dumneavoastra in natura. Acest traseu, mai poarta numele de "Drumul Regelui" denumire provenita de la inaugurarea oficiala a acestuia de catre Regele Carol al II lea in anul 1938. Din timpurile stravechi acest traseu se mai numea si "cordonul IV strategic roman," acest traseu avand o functie strategic-militara pentru legiunile romane stationate in zona. Traseul poate incepe chiar cu vizitarea catatii Alba Iulia si continuarea excursiei si continuarea cu parcurgerea Trasaelui Transalpina pana la Novaci, sau destinatia preferata a clientului. Este important de stiu ca traseul Transalpina este deschis vzitelor turistice doar pe timpul veriii cand sectiunile de carosabil situate la peste 2000 de metri inaltime sunt sigure pentru a fi parcurse cu automobilul. Daca doriti sa fiti martorul unor peisaje de vis, puteti face acest lucru de la bordul unei limuzine de lux pregatita in mod special pentru a aasigura o calatorie placuta, sigura si confortabila.




Unforgettable Transylvania

Besides the fantastic alpine landscapes, if there is one thing memorable, it is travelling on the highest road altitude in Romania at 2145 meters high. The Transalpina route also known as the “king’s road” was officially inaugurated in 1938 by King Karol II. However, the road is dated back to the Roman occupation when functioned as the “strategic corridor IV.” It was used to move troops and military supplies over the mountains, towards the east. Being a 350 km trip, the route covers the distance from Sibiu west through Valcea, continuing to Novaci when it begins the crossing approximately 150 km of alpine deep forests. Ranca village is the highest point on the tour, and a great place to stop and enjoy some traditional Romanian recipes. For the lovers of flavored meat, the good news is that her you find a great diveristy of lamb stew and fresh fish recipes. Eating Romanian, can truly become a remarkable experience!




The Oasa Dam

Coming down the mountains east towards “Valea Frumoasei,” the road passes Oasa and its largest artificially built dam in the area. The lake covers 460 hectares of water and is 6 kilometers long. The dam was operational in 1979 and has an impressive height of 91 meters at its highest point. This lake offers a one of a kind scenic view that is most of the time captured by tourist’s cameras. In a few words, the presence in the middle of this virgin alpine nature is guaranteed therapy. Important to remember is the high altitude factor, which during summer, makes the outdoor temperature average no higher than 10-15 degrees Celsius. As our clients repeatedly confessed it, coming on Transalpina is a “true blessing.” Spending a few minutes in the cold and strongly oxigenated air can be completely revitalizing. The sense of wellbeing and freshness stays present until a few days after the trip is over. Local citizens, make it a habit, driving up to Oasa during weekends just to charge up for the upcoming week. And so should you!





Valea Frumoasei as sung by the poets

Lucian Blaga, a most distinguished modern era Romanian scholar, wrote an entire expose of light and joy about “Valea Frumoasei,” describing its impact on people as a truly intimate “spiritual experience.” The Valley, besides its breathtaking beauty, accounts for an additional three river dams which blends nature and engineering in a lucrative ecosystem. Although we have mentioned lots of things about places and nature, especially the high alpine areas, it is important to make reference about the roads as well. If you have never been on this route or you are new to Romania, it is important to be reassured of the good quality of roads. As of 2013, starting with Valea Frumoasei, the whole 150 km road sector was completely updated to meet the European safety standards for vehicle access. It is important however mentioning, that at the highest altitudes where natural wells sometimes overflow the road, one may notice some rock falling. Although not very common, this natural phenomenon is not out of the ordinary when travelling at high altitude in the mountains. In order to meet and exceed expectations, City Limousine, continuously keeps its fleet updated and all vehicles at the highest standard of maintenance. Should you be willing to explore the Magnificent Transylvania, our “black tie” business etiquette commands, safety, class and discretion. For any of your mobility needs you can confidently entrust City Limousine to offer you a unique business class travel experience.