Armored Limousine - Professional Protection Services

Professional Security Services and High Risk Executive Protection - Beta






At City Limousine we continuously improve the quality of service. Due to the increasing inernational demand in secure mobility concepts, our future portfolio will include specialized protection services performed by tactical squad elites in conjunction with B6+ armored vehicles. Our mission is to implement the best preventive protocols for professional threat asessment, counter ambush vulnerabilities in convoy movement, anti-kidnapping techniques, and most importantly, for evasive and escaping maneuvers in hostile environments. Each operator has extensive training in search and rescue missions, embassy staff protection services and armored limousine transportation. The operators work as rapid response fluid units, ready to asimetrically engage ballistic threats, deploying immediate high precision countermeasures in response to developing or ongoing attacks.  Our safety protocols will account for live intelligence analysis and dispatch merged with adaptive situational awareness. Our threat analysts constantly evaluate the dynamic parameters of high impact low probability as well as high impact high probability events, issuing comprehensive appraisals that adress all safety aspects in a customized manner. We safeguard what is most valuable: life! We make personal security and special missions a top priority and a smile on each customer's face an everyday business. 

Codes: APC MRAP QRT MTTP Romania